Founded by Franco Aureliani, Art Baltazar, and Marc Hammond,

Aw Yeah Comics celebrates and promotes everything that is wonderful about comics, toys, artwork, and the joy they bring to people.

Our name says exactly how we feel about it. Positive and upbeat, we invite you to come in and experience our selection and atmosphere.

As we grow over time we will be hosting a wide range of events, as well as expanding what product lines we carry.

If you have children and have been looking for a family friendly store, look no further. Kids reading comics are a huge part of our reasons to open the shop. We want them reading comics as much as you do.

Our ability to help you discover amazing comic works that you might not otherwise have seen is constantly evolving as we read as much as we can, travel to conventions, absorb as much news as possible, and interract with publishers and creators.

If you are a creator interested in either seeing, signing at, or being carried here at AW YEAH COMICS, just head to our contact section and drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.

Located in beautiful Downtown Skokie, just a short train ride from Chicago, we are ready to provide the service you deserve and can't wait to meet you and talk comics.